Saturday, 28 December 2013

Hospital Records: Top Tunes

Today we would like to present tunes from a label, which has contributed to the developement of drum'n'bass music on an equal level as other legendary labels, such as Goldie's Metalheadz or Good Looking Records ran by LTJ Bukem - Hospital Records.


Label, whose best times are the relict of the past now unfortunately, releasing today  euro-pop shite (look at Netsky's tunes or High Contrast's latest LP) aimed at commercial profit.

That is why we have chosen (as a subjective selection) Hospital's finest tracks below. The order which they appear is strictly random:

London Elekttricity - Cum Dancing [Hospital Records, NHS46]

High Contrast - The Basement Track [Hospital Records, NHS60]

Logistics - Beatbox Master [Hospital Records, NHS112]

Danny Byrd - Shock Out [Hospital Records, NHS132]

Cyantific - Little Green Man [Hospital Records, NHS71]

Q Project - Living With Beaker (total science remix) [Hospital Records, NHS110] 


Hospital Records' Facebook page:

Hospital Records' website:

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Kenjah December 2013 mix (dj zinc d'n'b special)

Hey... Ho...

Xmass is coming so it's time to upload a new mix.

Made out of respect for the one of the most influential DJs/producers when it comes to breakbeats (jungle, drum'n'bass, uk garage, etc.)

Author of such a massive tunes as Super Sharp Shooter [Ganja Records, GAN009] or 138 Trek [True Playaz, TPR12025] as well as legendary remiix of Ready Or Not by Fugees.

Here we go: Bingo Beats head honcho! The original Super Sharp Shooter!

Listen to the mix here:


1. DJ Zinc - Reach Out (dj zinc remix) [True Playaz]
2. DJ Zinc - Freenote [True Playaz]
3. DJ Zinc - Lost Contact [True Playaz]
4. DJ Hype / DJ Zinc - Disappear [True Playaz]
5. DJ Zinc - Steroidz [Bingo Beats]
6. DJ Zinc - Steppin Stones (dj zinc & dj friction remix) [Bingo Beats]
7. DJ Zinc - The Star Of Polaris [Bingo Beats]
8. DJ Zinc feat. Dynamite MC - Creeper [Bingo Beats]
9. DJ Zinc feat. Dynamite MC - Creeper (remix) [Bingo Beats]
10. DJ Zinc - Japache [Bingo Beats]
11. DJ Zinc - Funny [Bingo Beats]
12. Dope Skillz - Suddenly [Bingo Beats]
13. DJ Zinc - India Jungle [Bingo Beats]
14. DJ Zinc - Pump Up [Bingo Beats]
15. Jammin - Go DJ (dj zinc remix) [Bingo Beats]

Friday, 13 December 2013

LTJ Bukem: Retrospective Mix

One of the DJs/producers thanks to whom we've got Hospital, Spearheads Records and other soulful imprints.

If it wasn't Bukem and his Good Looking/Looking Good label established at the beginning of the 90s, there would be no amtospheric jungle or liquid drum'n'bass.

Today premiere on Beatport ---> wicked journey to the golden years of the last decade, in a softer style of jungle/drun'n'bass.

For those unaware: learn from The Master!

Listen to / buy mix here:

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Shogun Audio: Way Of The Warrior Volume II

At last!

Way Of The Warrior 2 [Shogun Audio, SHACD008] - a new compilation released by Shogun Audio imprint, led by DJ Friction. This set offers tracks by producers from Friction's stable as well as special appearences from the old headz such as Total Science nad DLR.

It's a compilation suitable for everyone; from technical cuts by Optiv & BTK or Icicle, through quasi-jungle already mentioned Total Science to soul rollers served by Spectrasoul and Technimatic.

Beats as sharp as samurai's katana - perfect for the forthcoming cold days and nights.

For those, prefering warmer climate we recommend this:

Technimatic - Bristol [Shogun Audio, SHACD008]

Sunday, 24 November 2013

On a Cultural Tip: Their Culture

Found on an old compilation Lekcja Rytmiki Czyli ZaƂamanie Nerwowe Perkusji released 15 years ago by non-existing now Polish magazine MACHINA.

Originally released by legendary Emotif Recordings in 1995.

All the elements fit perfectly in this tune: beats, samples, melody and vocal.

Jungle Is Massive!

B.L.I.M. - Their Culture [Emotif Recordings, EMF 002]

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Kenjah November 2013 mix

A brand new mix. It's been a year since uploading the first one. Skills got improved!  :)

Listen to the mix here:


1. Matrix & Futurebound - Universal Truth [Viper Recordings]
2. Logistics - Every Beat Of My Heart [Hospital Records]
3. Fugees - Ready Or Not (dj zinc 2003 refix) [white label]
4. Steve Angello & Laidback Luke feat. Robin S - Show Me Love 2009 (blame remix) [Data Records]
5. Top Cat - Pirate Radio (serial killaz mix) [Street Life]
6. High Contrast - If We Ever [Hospital Records]
7. MC Tali - High Hopes (All Over Now) [Full Cycle]
8. Sub Focus - Flamenco [RAM Records]
9. DJ Fresh - Gold Dust (vip mix) [Data Records]
10. Danny Byrd - We Can Have It All (sigma remix) [Hospital Records]

11. Brookes Brothers - Tear You Down [Breakbeat Kaos]
12. J.Majik feat. Kathy Brown - Share The Blame [Infrared]
13. Q Project - 2 Little 2 Late (kg remix) [Machine Funk]
14. M.I.S.T. vs High Contrast - 3am [Soul:R]

15. EZ Rollers - Back To Love [Moving Shadow]
16. M.I.S.T. vs DJ Marky & XRS - Sunshine (Touch Me) [Soul:R] 
17. Jenna G - Rising [Bingo Beats]
18. Cyantific - Quiet Star [Hospital Records]

Monday, 11 November 2013

Studio Pressure

Last Monday was release day of a new EP by the artist hiding under Studio Pressure - Presha XIII / Borneo EP [Photek Productions, PPRO20] moniker.

Everyone was who the hell is Studio Pressure?
Well, the key to solve that mistery is the label which released the EP - Studio Pressure  is a nickname of a legendary DJ/producer - Photek. 

To make things even more exciting, Presha XIII/Borneo EP is his first drum'n'bass release since 1997!

All interested will be happy cause the A-side of this EP is a continuation of awesome Jump/Presha series released in the first half of the 90s by respected imprint Certificate 18.

So fasten your seatbelt and getyourselves all to the mini journey to the crazy world of Studio Pressure aka Photek:

1993 - Studio Pressure - Jump [Certificate 18, CERT1803]

 1993 - Studio Pressure - Jump MKII [Certificate 18, CERT1803]

1994 - Studio Pressure - Presha III [[Certificate 18, CERT1809]


Saturday, 2 November 2013

RINSE Out! Selecta!

  There has been dubstep once, there has been also uk garage... There has been grime and there has been house too.
What would happen if we cooked all the above ingredients up? UK Bass Music - a genre promoted by, among the others, radio station/label Rinse.

  Rinse originated from the pioneering 90s when pirate radio stations were rulling not only London but the whole UK.
These are also the times when such a labels as Metalheadz, RAM or True Playaz raised in a fledgling jungle/drum'n'bass scene.

As you probably noticed we live in a constant evolution so it is not a suprise that breakbeats have been evolving too. So, as a result, the beginning of 21st century brought to light new, slower sounds, later known as garage nad dubstep.
This is also the period of birth of the new generation of DJs/producers who have been releasing their crazy ideas via Rinse.
Pioneers of dubstep Benga, Skream or Kode 9 started their career here. Also grime stars Dizzee Rascal and Wiley began their musical journey at Rinse.

Rinse ialso gave birth to Katy B - vocalist who will suprise us more than once in the future.
Discovered by DJ Zinc (featured on his two EPs) Katy B showed her vocal talent on a debut LP Katy On A Mission [Rinse, 88697850722] released by Rinse in 2010.

  Rinse today (both as a radio station - most of the producers run their shows, and as a record label) gathers various artist such as, already mentioned DJ Zinc - paving the way of crack house, as well as rising stars of house/dubstep: Fomao and Royal-T.
Royal-T - Inside The Ride [Rinse, RINSECD 027D]


SO, if you don't know what to do in the autumn evenings, get the hot drink, switch on  Rinse FM (106.8 FM) and...        MAY THE BASSLINE BE WITH YOU!

Oficjalna strona Rinse FM ---> Rinse FM 

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Kenjah August 2013 mix


Listen to the mix here:


1. CLS & Wax - Sometimes [Jerona Fruits Recordings]
2. Logistics - Call Me Back [Hospital Records]
3. Baron - Decade [Breakbeat Kaos]
4. Pendulum - Girl In The Fire [Breakbeat Kaos]
5. DJ Marky & XRS - The Wizard (invaderz remix) [Innerground Records]
6. Camo & Krooked - Verve (feat. MC Tali) [Audio Porn Records]
7. Photek & DJ Die - Thunder (feat. Hollie G) [Full Cycle]
8. XRS - Mosca [Bingo Beats]
9. Mood II Swing - I Got Love (logistics remix) [Bingo Beats]
10. Marcus Intalex - Afrikaa [Soul:R]
11. EZ Rollers - Here I Am (basher remix) [Mastermind Records]
12. Danny Byrd - Planet Earth [Hospital Records]
13. Nero - Elektron [MTA Records]
14. High Contrast - Pink Flamingos [Hospital Records]

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Kenjah April 2013 mix

Hey ho,

Spring has finally arrived so has Kenjah's new mix. ENJOY!

Listen to the mix here:


Sub Focus - Rock It [RAM Records]
2. The Qemists - When UR Lonely [Ninja Tune]
3. The Prodigy - Voodoo People (pendulum remix) [XL-Recordings]
4. G Dub - Warp Speed [Ganja Records]
5. DJ Die - Slow Burn [Clear Skyz]
6. Pascal - Serious Sounds (dj friction remix) [Frontline Records]
7. Q Project - Living With Beaker (total science remix) [Hospital Records]
8. Netsky - I Refuse (shock one remix) [Spearhead Records]
9. P Money - Everything (blame remix) [Intrinsic Recordings]
10. Q Project - Subliminal Aura [Liquid V]
11. M.I.S.T. - Outter Space [Soul:R]
12. Hatiras vs J.Majik - Space Invader (Defected]
13. Ryme Tyme - Monkey Fish [Bingo Beats]
14. Dope Skillz - Who Are You [Bingo Beats]
15. Beenie Man - Dude (dj zinc remix) [white label]
16. Roni Size - Scrambled Eggs [V Recordings]
17. Kosheen - Hide U [Moksha Recordings]
18. Special Forces - The End (remix) [Photek Productions]
19. London Elektricity - Different Drum (photek tek dub remix) [Hospital Records]