Saturday, 28 June 2014

The Prodigy live @ Orange Warsaw Festival, Warsaw (14.06.14)

  OK, another gig by The Prodigy... I think, it's the 10th time I've seen the live - stopped counting a while ago.

  I was going to Warsaw fully hyped, hoping they would drop Rockweiler again! Well, I was recently lucky enough to hear all these 'new' tunes, like AWOL, Dogbite and Jetfighter live as I decided to kill two birds with one stone: visit the capitol (if possible) and see the band live at the same time. In this way, I heard the second version of AWOL dropped in Bratislava (I hope Liam will make something out it for the new LP cause this beat is a killer! Forget about Youtube videos, you had to be there to feel that energy!) and Dogbite in 2012. A two months later, I heard Jetfighter and AWOL (the first version) live at Orange Warsaw Fest 2012 and last year, in 2013, I heard Rockweiler for the first time at Balaton Sound Festival in Zam├írdi, Hungary (speaking of which, Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities I've ever seen. Food's just great and people are so friendly... If you have a chance, visit Budapest - you will not regret it!).
  However, when I arrived to Warsaw the first doubts started to lurk - heavy rain and horrible wind! Thanks to the latter a part of the stage settings (screen on the left side of the stage) collapsed a day before so a few shows were cancelled. I thought: 'No fukkin way! It can't happen!' When it comes to rain, I had in mind their gig from Orange Fest 2012 when it was pissing down like hell so I was a bit of... worried.
  When I reached the festival area the first thing that impressed me was the National Stadium - it's HUGE! I heard that the acoustic inside the stadium was crap but The Prodigy fortunately were about the play at the second, 'outdoor' Warsaw Stage which apprently got rebuilt over the night.

 View at National Stadium from the stage
From The Prodigy Instagram

 At around 10 PM, after the previous band finished their show - I forgot their name but in my opinion it wasn't the best choice before The Prodigy's gig - the vocalist looked like he was about to commit a suicide. Singing all those melancholic stuff and throwing roses at the audience... Boring. So anyway, once they finished, the preparations for The Prods gig begun. Soon after Liam's set up, Leo's drums, lights and masks background appeared on the stage.

 Keith, Maxim and Liam rocking in Warsaw

I noticed more and more people, with The Prodigy's logo on the their t-shirts, gathering in front of the stage and the hype could be really felt.
  Minutes were passing and soon after the celebration begun. Lights went down, familiar intro went from the speakers and the band showed up on the stage - Liam, Leo, Maxim, Rob and Keith. And the first surprise - they started with ... Spitfire!
I won't be writing here about each tune cause you know most of them however I have to mention a few of them: Rockweiler - my favourite live track, apart from Run With The Wolves. I heard it before just once (at Balaton Sound, 2013) but... damn, this track rocks! Even better, this time it was a bit reworked, compering to the verion from last year. 

AWOL / AWOL Beats - I'm feeling this tune more and more but still, prefer the version from Bratislava's gig. Then, second suprise - 'How many ways you can destroy the human mind'... when they dropped AWOL Beats  - wow, powerful beats! Honestly, powerful!

Spitfast - heard Spitfire at the beginning of the gig so why not to drop a bit of drum'n'bass in the middle :)

And then till the end of the gig usual setlist. But the sound at Smack My Bitch Up was fucking brilliant - I've been to quite a feeeeeew gigs in my life but what I experienced during Smack My Bitch Up happened to me for the first time ever - the bass was so heavy that I could not catch a breath, literally! Wonderful feeling!
  So, another great gig, gotta say. Some will disagree, but soundwise, it was my second best gig by The Prodigy (first place, still unbeatable - Palacio de Deportes, Madrid - 2009) and now it's time for the new album!

They recently said that the best album by The Prodigy is the one we haven't heard yet. If it sounds like Rockweiler it will be their best work to date !

A Review Written When Looking At The Stars... Or Listening

  A debut LP by Dutch producer Teije van Vliet aka Lenzman finally hit the stores last week. 
Apparently two years in making, Looking At The Stars [Metalheadz, METALP003] doesn't dissapoint.


  The album contains 15 tracks and showcases eclectic diversity - Lenzman skillfully balances between soulful liquid tunes like Through My Eyes and Paper Faces and heavy bassline beats like Collapse or My Tearz. If it's not enough, there is also room for more emotional down tempoish Anticipate (with beautiful vocals of Martyna Baker) and MCs' driven Move & Focus (feat. Dan Stezo) and Just Can't Take (feat. DRS).

Definitely one of the best albums released in 2014!

Lenzman - Just Can't Take (feat. DRS) [Metalheadz, METACD00]

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Kenjah May 2014 mix

Hey... Ho...

This one should have been uploaded a month ago but due to technical issues it's appearing just now.

Listen to the mix here:


1.  J.Majik & Wickaman vs Peshay - Talk To Me [Infrared Music]
2.  DJ Die feat. Photek - Chain Reaction [Clear Skyz]
3.  Division - Stand By [Phuzion Records]
4.  Quadrant, Kid Hops & Iris - Don't Call It Anything [Intrique Music]
5.  S.P.Y - The Bug [Spearhead Records]
6.  Static & MSDos - Flesh [NexGen Music]
7.  Spirit - Connected [C.I.A. Deep Kut]
8.  Makoto & T-ak - Voyager [Hospital Records]
9.  Bungle - Too Late [Critical Recordings]
10. J.Majik & Wickaman - Nebula [Breakbeat Kaos]
11. Mind Vortex - Arc (original mix) [RAM Records]
12. T-ak & Ellie - Enishi [Hospital Records]
13. Rufige Kru - Monkey Boy [Metalheadz]
14. DJ Chap - Inna Streets [Liquid V]
15. Technimatic - Bristol [Shogun Audio]

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Joga Bonito

  OK, as the World Cup is about to start in a few hours literally, it's time to bring back to light a tune that made 98's tournament one of the best (at least when it comes to the computer games): Soul Beat Runna by Boymerang, Goldie's protege.

This one comes from Boymerang's debut LP (and the only one so far) Balance Of The Force [Regal, EEG 13] released in 1998. The whole record would have ended up totally unnoticed if it was'nt a sondtrack to EA's FIFA World Cup '98 game where it appeared among the other artits such as Fluke and Chumbawamba.

Wicked game and wicked tune. Hope the 2014 World Cup will be as good as the one from 1998.

Get yourselves in a mood of Joga Bonito!

Boymerang - Soul Beat Runna [Regal, REG 13]

Monday, 2 June 2014

Back To Basics Chapter One

  Been listening this album for a while and thinking about writing a review of S.P.Y's Back To Basics Chapter One [Hospital, NHS252LP] until I came across the one from Juno website.

  These are not my words but I fully agree with them:

Carlos "S.P.Y" Lima made his name by putting a decidedly positive spin on drum & bass, filling his 2012 debut album What The Future Holds with string-laden, post-liquid tracks that fused floor-filling rhythms with a breezy, carnival-friendly musicality. On this belated follow-up, the Brazilian producer flips the script, delivering a murkier - if no less beautifully produced - set filled with darker, moodier moments. Given his way with mood and rhythm, it's unsurprising to find that Back To Basics Volume 1 hits home hard. Whether laying down and tech-tinged late night roller Brooklyn (Dub), Jelly Belly, a discordant freak-out Riding The Void or an Inner City Life style vocal groover Dusty Fingers, featuring Diane Charlemagne), Lima is at the top of his game. 

S.P.Y - Cold Harsh Air (feat. Total Science & Grimm) [Hospital, NHS252LP]

S.P.Y's Facebook page: