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  The idea of this blogside was born during  jam sessions of two breakbeat addicted DJ's; from hip-hop/soul sounds to heavy drum’n’bass/dubstep beats, Majk and Kenjah.

Majk is a vinyl collector, he posses records ranging from Pink Floyd, Mayer Hawthrone and 80's, to hip-hop by Polish producers. Kenjah’s main music influences have been The Prodigy (he’s still their great fan to this day), Beastie Boys and Rage Against The Machine.

  Only though the mutual interest in faster breakbeats (Majk has been into d’n’b since 2005, Kenjah has been following jungle movement since around 1997) led to join forces and sort of became the starting point for this blogside.

They don’t wanna limit themselves to hip-hop and drum'n'bass only, despite the fact that Majk aims at liquid-neuro-techstep and Polish hip-hop while Kenjah preffers old skool vibes from Metalheadz, True Playaz/Ganja Records and Ninja Tune.

They treat Good Beats as the platform to share their musical tastes as well as to show tunes they play. It gives a perfect way of transmission either in form of LPs/parties reviews, or dj sets. Therefore, they want this side to develop ‘itself’ – one day you may find a dj set full of nuerofunk tunes continued by a story of Motown’s achievements and finished by AC/DC’s Top Ten Tracks.

Majk & Kenjah

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