Sunday, 22 February 2015

Call It A Day

So, we all can call it a day then :(

   The most influential, the most respected and the most widely read jungle / drum'n'bass magazine has ended its journey.

I remember buying it for the first time back in 2006 and putting the free CD, included in every issue, for the first time in my CD player. I became immediately hooked! I have been following Kmag since then!
   Released on a monthly basis Kmag presented wicked interviews with scene's finest artists, contained hints and tips for all bedroom producers polishing their sonic crafts and, first of all, been showing great dj mixes in the form of above mentioned free CDs included in each issue. I am still listening to the mixes of Photek, DJ Kane, EZ Rollers to the current day so I can tell you it's been a hell influential magazine. And I am not afraid to say, influential too for a lot of people like.
   I wasn't happy when Kmag decided to go online a few years ago as it lost its physical touch for me, but u gotta adapt to the market, especially the one ruled by constant development of technology. On the other hand though, we got access to a lot of tunes (Soundcloud, Youtube, etc.) which could have not been heard otherwise.

So, yeah... like every journey must come to an end so does musical journey with the best jungle/drum'n'bass magazine. R.I.P. Kmag !!!


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