Friday, 26 December 2014

2014 so far

  It's been a while since I logged in here last time - the lack of Internet connection did it's job :/
Whenever possible though, I was checking what had been goin' on in the world of jungle/drum'n'bass. And since 2014 has almost reached the end it is a chance to share what wicked music has been released this year.
So I picked up a few bits (in no particular order) that really did it for me this year.


Technimatic - Desire Paths [Shogun Audio, SHACD 009]

Amazing piece of work. Perfect combination of jungle riddims, soulful pianos/harmonies and sunshine vibes! Personally, it's the best release so far from DJ Friction's Shogun Audio imprint!

Lenzman - Looking At The Stars [Metalheadz, METACD 003]

Forward thinking yet classy, subtle but bass heavy. A debut LP from Dutch master Lenzman does not disappoint. Released on mighty Metalheadz label Looking At The Star is definitely one of the most important albums of 2014! Check out: Through My Eyes and Empty Promise (jubei remix).

S.P.Y - Back To Basics Chapter Two [Hospital Records, NHS260C]

A follow up to Back To Basics Chapter One [Hospital Records, NHS252LP] released earlier this year confirmes S.P.Y's talent to blur jungle classic flavours together with atmospheric liquid rhythms. It's good to see that more and more producers are coming back the the roots instead of following the synthetic-the louder-the better-high hats trend which is unfortunatelly much of visible nowadays in broken music. Outstanding tunes: Twilight Zone and Guidance (with special appearance of Total Science).

Acid Lab - Oddysey LP [Omni Music, OMNI 028]

If LTJ Bukem was put to hibernation in 95-96 and woke up in 2014, his music would sound like this release! Excellent album treating Good Looking sound with a modern twist. Tracks worth checking: Dreams of Mars, M31 and Distant Space.

Intrigue 11- The Anniversary Collecttion (V.A.) [Intrigue Music, INTRIGUE 11LP]

A compilation from Ben Soundscape's label summing up its 11 years of existence. A few classic bits, a few unreleased tunes as well as brand new ones. A must have addition for every jungle/drum and bass follower. Don't Call It Anything by Quadrant, Kid Hops & Iris is a smasher !!!

Amaning - Time Warp [Fokuz, 14085LP]

Bring some liquid vibes. Mix them with clever samples/melodies. Add some experimentation and you will receive Amaning's full length debut LP Time Warp. Huge! Why? just check these tunes for the answer: Be Good To You and High Roller.

Vintage LP (V.A.) [Soul FlexDigital, SFD 0018]

I came across this compilation when reading Kmag the other day. It would pass rather unnoticed if it wasn't for DJ Physics. I haven't heard anything new from this producer for a while therefore I was pleseantly surprised to hear some brand new cuts so I checked the whole compilation. Some real old skools flavas are happening out there! Physics (Feeling So Real) and Howitzer (50 Memories) are doin' serious damage. Worth checking!

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