Saturday, 28 June 2014

A Review Written When Looking At The Stars... Or Listening

  A debut LP by Dutch producer Teije van Vliet aka Lenzman finally hit the stores last week. 
Apparently two years in making, Looking At The Stars [Metalheadz, METALP003] doesn't dissapoint.


  The album contains 15 tracks and showcases eclectic diversity - Lenzman skillfully balances between soulful liquid tunes like Through My Eyes and Paper Faces and heavy bassline beats like Collapse or My Tearz. If it's not enough, there is also room for more emotional down tempoish Anticipate (with beautiful vocals of Martyna Baker) and MCs' driven Move & Focus (feat. Dan Stezo) and Just Can't Take (feat. DRS).

Definitely one of the best albums released in 2014!

Lenzman - Just Can't Take (feat. DRS) [Metalheadz, METACD00]

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