Saturday, 21 December 2013

Kenjah December 2013 mix (dj zinc d'n'b special)

Hey... Ho...

Xmass is coming so it's time to upload a new mix.

Made out of respect for the one of the most influential DJs/producers when it comes to breakbeats (jungle, drum'n'bass, uk garage, etc.)

Author of such a massive tunes as Super Sharp Shooter [Ganja Records, GAN009] or 138 Trek [True Playaz, TPR12025] as well as legendary remiix of Ready Or Not by Fugees.

Here we go: Bingo Beats head honcho! The original Super Sharp Shooter!

Listen to the mix here:


1. DJ Zinc - Reach Out (dj zinc remix) [True Playaz]
2. DJ Zinc - Freenote [True Playaz]
3. DJ Zinc - Lost Contact [True Playaz]
4. DJ Hype / DJ Zinc - Disappear [True Playaz]
5. DJ Zinc - Steroidz [Bingo Beats]
6. DJ Zinc - Steppin Stones (dj zinc & dj friction remix) [Bingo Beats]
7. DJ Zinc - The Star Of Polaris [Bingo Beats]
8. DJ Zinc feat. Dynamite MC - Creeper [Bingo Beats]
9. DJ Zinc feat. Dynamite MC - Creeper (remix) [Bingo Beats]
10. DJ Zinc - Japache [Bingo Beats]
11. DJ Zinc - Funny [Bingo Beats]
12. Dope Skillz - Suddenly [Bingo Beats]
13. DJ Zinc - India Jungle [Bingo Beats]
14. DJ Zinc - Pump Up [Bingo Beats]
15. Jammin - Go DJ (dj zinc remix) [Bingo Beats]

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