Saturday, 17 May 2014

Kevlar Switch

Not much info can be found about this producer apart from that he is from Canada and besides music he's also into photography.

Speaking about Profane's music, his tunes are released by Inperspective Records - a lable which promotes, on a daily basis, such artists as Equinox, Sinistarr and Breakage - a world class speaking for itself.

And why we are talking about him? Cause in December last year Profane released his debut album V.illan Mills LP [Inperspective Records, INP 018] and what a  great record it is! Loads of old skool amen breaks, twisted basslines and extraordinary samples, first of all.

So it is nice to hear (and listen to) when someone sticks to the roots and is innovative enough to create against the current trends aiming, unfortunately, at bleeps and hi-hats only.

Ladies & Gentlemen. Prepare yourself for Canadian assault!

Profane - Kevlar Switch [Inpespective Records, INP 018]

Profane's Facebook page:

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