Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Good Beats Podcast 02

All the Junglist BIG UP!
  Hope you have enjoyed the first Good Beats Podcast as the second instalment has just arrived! 
Summer brought us lots of excellent tunes; outstanding albums in the shape of Lenzman's Looking At The Stars and Technimatic's debut LP Desire Paths. Breaks pioneers Botchit & Scarper Records are back too. And for this particular podcast we have also wicked guest mix prepared by DJ Neurotic and smashing legendary jungle/drum'n'bass tune!

So, here it is: Good Beats Podcast 02:

Listen to the podcast here:


1. T.Power - Blowout (Pt. 4) (feat. Elisabeth Troy & Stamina MC) [Botchit & Scarper]
2. LSB - The Hurting [Spearhead Records]
3. Lenzman - Through My Eyes [Metlaheadz]
4. Loadstar - Stepped Outside [RAM Records]
5. Technimatic - Not A Perfect Love [Shogun Audio]

****DJ Neurotic in the Mix ****
1. Calibre - Again (feat. Chimpo) [Signature Records]
2. Bredren - Rejection [Radar Records]
3. Amoss & Dabs - Latch [Dispatch Recordings]
4. Calyx & Teebee - Elevate This Sound [RAM Records]
5. Xtrah - No Good [Metalheadz]
6. Dementia & Rregula - Timeline (optiv & btk remix) [Citrus Recordings]
7. BTK - Drop it (optiv remix) [Dutty Audio]
8. Maztek - Dizzy Step [Program]
9. The Upbeats - Corposant [Blackout Music]
10. Subtension & MC Nuklear - Break The Rules [Renegade Hardware]

**** Classic ****
Roni Size/Reprazent - Brown Paper Bag [Talkin' Loud]

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